The Circle -1st edition (Item 1595) by Bentley Little


`The shrine. How does it operate? Do you just pray to it or do you have to bring it something or what?` In this unsettling novella by Bentley Little, many strange occurrences unsettle the inhabitants of William Tell Circle: For Helen, a knock on the door brings an unexpected visitor along with lavish gifts, and it seems all her wishes have been granted...but at what cost? For young Frank and his friends, a fabled neighborhood shrine may answer their prayers for a girlfriend, just as their older brothers hope the same source will grant them money. But the older boys' improvised ritual turns into something horrible... For Gil Marotta, a rescue mission to the shrine leads him into a chilling confrontation with the local witch... The Circle tells the story of a normally quiet community, plunged into the kind of surreal nightmare only Bentley Little can deliver.

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Publisher:Cemetery Dance
Edition:First Edition Hardcover , DJ

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